Donate your Zakat to Empower

America's Refugee Newcomers

through Education!

We at FORA are entirely reliant on donations to continue providing educational support to the refugee families we serve, over 95% of whom are Rohingya Muslim.


100% of your Zakat donation will be used for Zakat compliant purchases, along with Zakat funds donated by the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago (CIOGC). 

You could be the reason that another pre-literate 6th grade refugee student gets accepted into our program, learns to read and write, catches up to grade level, and gets on track to college and beyond.


And all importantly, because certain of FORA’s board members are willing to MATCH any donation that you make — up to $200,000 of donations on or before May 31, 2021 — your donation will have twice as much impact on a refugee child’s ability to read, write and do math, and pursue her version of the American Dream.

FORA is a registered 501c3 organization, meaning you can list your payment to us as a charitable donation on US federal taxes. Our EIN is 83-2337377.

You can also mail a check made out to FORA to our mailing address:

5822 S. Blackstone Avenue #2, Chicago, Illinois, 60637

Click here to read a 2020 article from The Chicago Monitor spotlighting FORA's work with refugees during the pandemic in the West Ridge neighborhood of Chicago. 


FORA is a registered 501c3 organization


(708) 835-9584

Learning Center:

6431 N. California Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60645

Mailing Address:

5822 S. Blackstone Ave., #2, Chicago, IL, 60637